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ekkusumoi - that one! (I'm sorry if I spelled it wront!)
ekkusumoi / cont. of this


"But his hands are sweaty because he wears that jacket all the damn time…"

alright bed time for me bc its getting late here ahhh

i’ll try and get all my drafts done over the weekend so i can concentrate on college work during the week yeahh okay night guys

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► kiss Calem >D


"Over my deeeeaaa—"


"Dammit I have no choice in this whatsoever…" She muttered to herself as her voice trailed off from her previous rage filled shouting, any kind of anger she held being turned into dismay and maybe a bit of fluttery uneasiness.

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► "I'm gonna give ya a piggy back ride, hurry up!"

"Wh- What?!" Serena gave the girl an inquisitive glare at the strange request, yet replied in turn by making a motion with her hand for her to turn around.

It wasn’t like she had a choice anyway.

Send my character a ► and a command. They must obey.

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//I just wanted to say that Serena's interactions with X are the cutest and funniest thing okay? okay


i’m glad u like them shes bascially a butt to him but yee


À: Patron S.
De: Ekkusu


[texte]: ME ? Jealous ? 
[texte]: Of course NOT
[texte]: I don't even like omelets, they're gross...
[texte]: Let him eat... and get diabetes and cholesterol
[texte]: He will probably fail his internship.
To: Calem
From: Serena

[text] if u aren't jealous then how come you were watching close enough to know exactly what we were eating hmm????
[text] man its so easy to tell when ur jealous pftt
[text] what r u??? 5???

But guys, think about super close platonic relationships


  • Platonic reassuring shoulder/arm/hand grabbing
  • Platonic tight, meaningful hugs
  • Platonic late-night deep conversations that end in at least one person holding back tears or sobbing
  • Platonic sleeping in the same bed
  • Platonic forehead touches
  • Platonic staring into each other’s eyes like the other person is the world
  • Platonic CUDDLES