unfortunately during my absence i’ve lost quite a bit of my inspiration for some of my threads so some might take a while to get to;; if you’d rather drop the thread because of that then i don’t mind but i thought i should point that out for anyone i do have replies owed to…

so yeah if you’d like a short starter then just like this or if you’d like to plot something then hmu with a message

i’ve also been wanting to try out some au’s now i’m comfortable with the serena i’ve built up so if you have an au you’d like to rp with your own muse then just tell me! i’ll be open to rping it out with you!!

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when ur muse is just so in love with another muse that it’s ridiculous


"Wait… It’s you?!" Serena slammed her hand down on the packet of doughnuts before the two of them, making it clear that she’d secured them and it was hers this time.


  • ‘✉’ for an unsent letter from my character to yours.
  • ‘♥’ and a name, and I’ll kiss them.
  • ‘♡’ and my character(s) will cuddle yours!
  • a word and I’ll write a headcanon based on it.
  • ‘♪’ and I’ll put my playlist on shuffle to tell you our song.
  • ‘Ω’ and I’ll tell you what my character(s) thinks of yours.
  • a ship you have for my character(s) and I’ll tell you what I think.
  • age and a question and my character(s) will answer as that age.
  • unwanted (or bad) advice for my character(s).
  • ask my characters for advice.
  • bad (but hilarious) pick-up lines!
  • prompts or drabble ideas!
  • Questions!
  • ‘Crush?’ for any romantic interest my character(s) might have for someone.
  • ‘Confess?’ and my character(s) will have to confess something to yours. (whether it be feelings, opinions, a secret — whatever; feel free to specify)
  • a headcanon you have for my character(s) — I will accept/reject.
  • “[name]…has passed away” for my character’(s’) reaction.
  • ★ for an IC fact, or ☆ for an OOC fact
  • Give my character a difficult decision
  • ‘Would you rather…’
  • ♛ and I’ll summarize our muses’ relationship with a gif.
  • ✖ and I will give you a fear that my character has in dealing with yours

draconicdescendent asked ;  
"Matters of the Heart"
send me "matters of the heart"... 
29. Of your family members, who are you closest to?


"Well… My mother probably. I mean her side of the family lives in Sinnoh so I rarely get to see them, and I only vaguely remember meeting my fathers parents once when I was really young. I barely see my dad either, since he acts really clingy when I’m around him yet barely even tries to keep in contact… My mother’s just been there all the time so…"

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Matters of the heart
send me "matters of the heart"... 
39. If plans get cancelled, do you try to find something else to do, reschedule, or just consider it a lost cause?

"I’d like to say I’m more resourceful and would reschedule it… but most of the time that doesn’t happen… so I’ll either just find something else to do on my own or just, yeah, consider it a lost cause…" She shrugged. "Usually that’s only with social things. If it came to my job then I’d have no choice but to reschedule stuff to not get a giant bollocking."

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Matters of the heart!
send me "matters of the heart"... 
8. Who makes the first move, usually you or do you leave it to the other?

"I’m pretty bad at making the first move in any kind of situation… So most of the time, yeah, I leave it to the other person. Which is probably why I’ve failed to be in any kind of relationship ever… at all… I guess my pride is really a trait I need to break…"

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                               you think you’ve seen me at my best?              

                          prepare to get left behind in the dust.

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Send me “Matters of the Heart”…


I’ll generate a number between 1-45 and my character will answer a love-related headcanon question (romantic and platonic present).

Or you can look below the cut and send a number of your choosing that you would like answered. 

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